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Beige is for Wimps

No offense to all the beige lovers out there, but I have to confess that I hate beige. I think it’s the most lifeless, fun-sucking ‘color’ ever.

When I imagine my dream home, I imagine it in technicolor from floor to ceiling.

My philosophy: life’s too short to live it in beige

…especially when there are so many beautiful hues out there.

It would be a crime not to use every single one of them.

If you disagree, just visit Jill Sorenson’s blog 'Live Like You.' There’s proof. Her living room is absolutely to die for. She also just launched an incredible new design tool, and even if just for inspiration, you should most definitely check it out. I think I saved about half of those beautiful renderings into my ‘Inspiration’ folder on my computer. So far, I think I’m ‘Happy Home.’

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